Digitory Solutions Inc.

Digitory Solutions Inc. offers affordable solutions to Public Adjusters when documenting and presenting content claims.

Our “per line” fee ensures easy and accurate billing.

Send us the Scope of Loss and we will reply to you within 24 hours of receipt with the estimated Turn-Around Time and total cost.

You will receive an immediate payable invoice amounting to 10% of the total cost and an agreement allowing us to bill the remaining 90% of the total cost against your credit card once you have received the completed work.

For all Remote Inventory Services, Digitory Solutions Inc. only accepts payments via credit card.
We only start the job when we have received your 25% down payment.

Please note:

All invoices are calculated per line item. Our current Excel template holds on average 40 individual line items. We are open to placing your company’s logo on our template, at no extra cost.

Alternatively, we are also able to utilize your custom templates.

Remote Inventory Service Inventory Transcription and Valuation (RCV)

Format of Source File

per Line item

from typed or handwritten Scope of Loss


from Audio Recording


Remote Inventory Service Inventory transcription (RCV & ACV)

Format of Source File

per Line Item

from typed or handwritten Scope of Loss


from Audio Recording



Q1.: What information does Digitory need to evaluate common household items?
A1.: Description, Make, Model Number, Materials, Colors, etc. …

Q2.: What if I don’t have this information?
A2.: Submit photographs and/or information such as the estimated price paid and the store name/location it was originally purchased from.


Q.: What information does Digitory need to be able to calculate depreciation?

A.: We follow the Broad Evidence rule when applying depreciation. Please include the age, extent of usage, and any other information available.

Inventory Transcription without Valuation
Format of Source File
per Line Item
from typed or handwritten Scope of Loss$0.25
from Audio Recording$0.40
Miscellaneous Services per Minute

Contact with the Insured or others



Forensic Recreation of Totally Involved or Undocumented Items



Photo Data
per Line Item
RCV + ACV$1.75

On-site Inventory service

Digitory Solutions understands that many Public Adjusters and Attorneys receive a percentage-based remuneration, and therefore, each claim does have a different budget.

We are able to individualize the scope of each job and tailor our services to your need. – Contact us for further details.

On-site Scope of Loss Service
On-site Inventory with the valuated report, per Line item$3.00
Rental car or mileage in Digitory’s vehicle per mile$0.75
Hotel rates per night up to$200
Meal allowance for overnight and extended stays$40

Pricing Sample:

RCV Amount: $328,000
Line Items: 2924
Photos taken: 1567
Invoiced to Client: $4152
RCV Amount: $134,000
Line Items: 
Invoiced to Client: