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Dispute between the Insured and the Insurance company?

Digitory's Appraisers aggressively apply all evidence
and knowledge in a strategic way.

Virtually all property insurance policy contracts include an appraisal clause, which can be invoked if there is a dispute between the policyholder and the insurance company.

The most common reasons for invoking the appraisal clause are:
  • Coverage determination
  • The claim handling process
  • The settlement amount

Public Adjusters have begun to realize the huge benefits of invoking their client’s appraisal clause when faced with an impasse during settlement negotiations.
There are several key advantages to both the Public Adjuster and the Insured:

Benefits for Public Adjuster


The parties of the policy (the Insured and the Insurer) pay the cost of the appraisal.


In a case where the carrier offered a substandard or inaccurate value of loss, the appraisal process should increase the final RCV and ACV amounts, which will then increase the Public Adjuster’s earnings (if the PA’s remuneration is based on incentives).


As soon as the appraisal clause has been invoked, the Public Adjuster does not have to handle every aspect of the process, thus this process frees up additional time for other business activities.

Benefits for the Insured


Compared to the 33% fee an Insured would have to pay to a law firm to file a lawsuit, the Insured saves significantly when utilizing an Appraisal Firm to handle the dispute.

Increased Settlement

Many costs and damages are overlooked during a claim process, an appraisal can document and evaluate all damages to determine the exact value of a loss.


An appraisal can be resolved in a matter of a few months, whereas lawsuits can take years.

Even Playing Field

As soon as the appraisal clause has been invoked, the carrier’s adjusters and their international staff of loss prevention specialists are now “removed” from the situation. One appraiser represents the Insured, and another appraiser, who will independently evaluate the loss and calculate the amount of loss, represents the carrier. Both appraisers will agree on a fair and unbiased Umpire, who will handle all disputed amounts between the two appraisers.

Most importantly, the Insured and their retained representation must choose a competent, diligent, and honest appraiser. A professional appraiser will not allow any “non-compliance” or “loss prevention” tactics to enter into the appraisal process. When faced with a legitimate dispute in valuation, the Insured’s appraiser must aggressively seek to research, present, and support all findings, utilizing all evidence, testimony, and knowledge of the appraisal process in a strategic way.

The Firm

Digitory’s Appraisal Firm consists of several very well-respected, experienced, and aggressive appraisers from the New York City Metro area.

Our appraisers encompass a unique and extensive background in the insurance industry, from claim adjusting, contractual law, policy statute, and personal property valuation to structural engineering, restoration, and construction.

All Appraisal members of the firm utilize the vast resources of our back-office of researchers, valuation experts, and cross examiners, who analyze and report on all errors, miscalculations, misrepresentations, missing data, and violations contained in documents and estimates produced by the imposing party.

Furthermore, our firm gathers background intelligence on all individuals suggested or utilized by the imposing party. This allows us to verify the legitimacy of their alleged expert, as well as any past business relationships that could indicate a pre-existing bias or interest in the matter at hand.

If you are interested in learning more about the procedure behind invoking the appraisal clause in your insurance policy or are in need of an expert appraiser to help you receive a fair settlement amount from your insurance carrier, then do not hesitate to call or email us for a free consultation.