Digitory Solutions Inc.

Digitory’s On-site Inventory Service (OIS)

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We meticulously document each Scope of Loss Fast, Efficient, and Accurately.

Digitory Solutions Inc. deploys its resources on your behalf to capture content claim data in the field. Digitory's Field Inventory Specialists scope the loss on-site; this service also includes working with the Insured during the on-site scope visit.

To conduct a “scope of loss”, our uniformed On-site Inventory Specialist arrives at the loss site, analyzes each room and documents each damaged item with descriptions, such as brand, model, material, etc….
Our Specialist is also able to meet with the Insured, the insurance company’s adjusters, and other relevant parties. If the to-be-scoped loss is of a significant size, Digitory Solutions usually dispatches two or more Inventory Specialists in order to complete the work in as timely a manner as possible.
Most commonly, we use digital audio recorders to compile the scope of loss.
Digitory’s On-site Specialists travel with mobile broadband internet access and upload all data (audio/photo) to Digitory’s Datacenter from On-site, allowing our Back-office to immediately start transferring data to custom spreadsheets. After the data has been compiled, our price research department takes over, researching items for replacement cost value (RCV) and substantiating items with a value over $100.00 with a hyperlink directly inserted into the spreadsheet.
The report is completed in Excel format and includes a line-by-line listing of all items, a summary page with values per room, and totals. The report is sent to the Public Adjuster via the internet or regular postal service. Clients are able to submit the report directly to the carrier as their content claim.
(Please note: Usually, a Public Adjuster would have to submit the Content Claim Report to the Insured, to determine the age of the items before it is submitted to the carrier. If desired, Digitory is able to interact with the Insured for the process of age verification of damaged items.)
Scope of Loss:
A scope of loss is meticulously documented via tablet PCs, digital audio recorders, and digital cameras for fast, efficient, and accurate inventories. Wireless broadband Internet utilized by our On-site Specialists to allow quick and efficient data exchange between our field specialists and research experts.
Digitizing the Document aka the transcription process:
All inventories are transcribed in industry-standard Excel worksheets for a professional representation of your claim.

Say goodbye to handwritten inventories! Print these worksheets or keep them in their electronic form for quick and easy verification by every party concerned with the loss.