Digitory Solutions Inc.

Most Public Adjusters are stuck doing the "busy work" themselves instead of outsourcing these tasks. This valuable time could be better spent on retaining new losses, meeting with attorneys and brokers, or dealing with complex issues from current claims.

Since many years, Digitory Inc. provides inventory services for Public Adjusters and noticed problems that Public Adjusters face during the content claim process.
Our services have been carefully developed and streamlined to increase a Public Adjuster’s productivity by eliminating the hassle and headache associated with the completion of the Insured’s personal property claims.
At Digitory Solutions, we offer unique insurance claim processing services. We create professional and substantiated content claim reports from your handwritten sheets, as well as from dictated audio recordings and photographs. The final product is delivered to you with a quick turnaround time.
Engaging a claims documentation service allows you to focus on the core aspects of your business and saves you time and money.
Now, you can focus on profit-generating and business-building tasks, such as acquiring new clients.

Let Digitory Solutions, the leader in claim documentation, help your business prosper.