Digitory Solutions Inc.

Digitory Solutions highly uses proprietary systems and databases to locate, quote, and substantiate the claimed item's true Replacement Cost Value (RCV).

Our experts will quote the item’s current Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), in order to confirm that the insured’s claim represents and supports the maximum dollar amount they are entitled to under their policy. This valuation method ensures that the Insured is claiming the realistic and true value of a loss, allowing them to replace damaged items in their local market while complying with the terms and conditions of the standard HO-3 policy.
Unfortunately, insurance carriers’ Claims Adjusters will often erroneously base their RCV findings on discount websites, temporary sale prices, and large volume discount prices. Most Insurance Adjusters rely on self-perceived knowledge of common costs, and erroneous and outdated databases, and are bound to reduce the carrier’s financial liabilities.
By recognizing the Insurance Adjusters’ lack of valuation training and their obligation to the carrier, it quickly becomes clear that the burden of proof lies with the Insured.
As the Insured’s retained representation, a Public Adjuster must provide an accurate and detailed claim of the damages to stand a chance of receiving a fair settlement amount.

As with any claim, carefully researched information and the use of experts and specialists will result in an accurate, compelling, and powerful document to prove the damages. Our experts utilize proven and practiced methods of valuation that consistently provide Public Adjusters with settlement amount valuations that exceed expectations.

By prioritizing compliance and accuracy and utilizing backup documentation to enable the review and confirmation of all findings, Digitory Solutions provides all parties with the satisfaction of knowing that the claim documents involved truly represent the amount of loss. This process results in less time spent on disputing legitimacy and more time spent on settling the claim.
Our experts know exactly what information is needed to accurately document and inventory of damages, including:
  • Substantiating sources
  • Adding supporting documentation
  • Using proprietary in-house assessment tools
  • Researching the replacement value for discontinued products
  • Hyper-linking to websites to substantiate high-value items

Digitory’s specialists prove the true amount of a loss and determine the depreciation of each item to evaluate its actual cash value.