Insurance Appraisal as ADR: Simple Guideline for Every Appraiser

Insurance Appraisal as ADR: Simple Guideline for Every Appraiser When a dispute arises between the Insurer and the Insured regarding the settlement amount, either party may invoke the policy’s Appraisal Clause as an ADR method to resolve the claim. Often, during claim negotiations, the Insurance Company may undervalue the claim, overlook damages, and ignore valid […]

Insurance Appraiser Guidelines

Insurance Appraiser Guidelines Written and designed by Thomas Di Sieno of Digitory Solutions, Inc. Copyright: 2014 Digitory Solutions, Inc. The Insurance Appraisal Process Copyright Digitory Solutions, Inc. Copyright Digitory Solutions, Inc. Examples of Actual Appraisal Proceeding Presentation Documentation When appointing an Appraiser, one should ensure that the Appraiser is not only an expert in the […]

Tripartite Insurance Appraisal: Panel Dynamics

Tripartite Insurance Appraisal: Panel Dynamics Property and Casualty Insurance Policies call for a specific form of Appraisal, “tripartite appraisal”, in which each side names an appraiser of its choice, and then the two party-appointed appraisers select the neutral Umpire of the three-panel Appraisal. Typically, each party-appointed appraiser is aligned with the party that appointed her. […]

Indepth Analysis of Insurance Appraisal

INSURANCE APPRAISAL INTRODUCTION Appraisal, as conceived within the insurance industry, appears to be very different from its modern form. It was a creature of the insurance contract, but the courts in a number of jurisdictions have brought about an evolution of what was a favorable and easily utilized policy tool into a problem-rife forum that […]

Super Storm Sandy Claim

Super Storm Sandy claim, not yet resolved, finally received some resolution on 11/24; An Umpire was Appointed by the Court, and the Carrier’s refusal to submit to Appraisal was rejected. Summary: November 24th 2014: In Simat v. Tower Insurance Co. of New York, No. 8969/2014 (N.Y. Sup. Ct., Nassau Cty.), Nassau County Supreme Court Rejects […]

Insurance Appraisal & Causation

Property Insurance Appraisal: Is Determining Causation Essential to Evaluating the Amount of Loss This paper references important aspects of causation and Insurance Appraisal. You may click the image to read more about it. “The appraisal procedure has been utilized in property insurance cases for decades. The issue of whether or not to allow the determination […]